About agentspork

I am Agent Spork. My mission is to write unbiased reviews of restaurants here in the Black Hills. I am a semi-professional foodie who is cultured in the use of many sophisticated types of cutlery. My opinion is measured in Noms. The more nomnoms, the better.

agentspork's Articles

Agent Spork: Murphys Pub and Grill

Agent(s) Spork (it takes two) just had the best lunch we have ever had the pleasure of consuming in the…

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Agent Spork Reports from Everest Cuisine

Agent Spork and his trusty assistant recently took lunch at this new Nepalese restaurant in the building formerly occupied by…

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Black Forest Inn

The weather has been so hot that three of us chose to eat up in the Hills where it was…

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Agent Spork Goes on a Special Mission to the Delmonico Grill

A special occasion calls for a special dining experience, so it was time to ignore the budget and put away…

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