Cattle on the loose due to storm Atlas

Robbinsdale Cattle 02

A herd of cattle settled in to the Robbinsdale area of Rapid City.  (KOTA-TV News video capture by Kirk Stevens)

There were aspects of winter storm Atlas that bordered on the surreal … mostly the cattle roaming downtown Rapid City on Saint Joseph Street during the height of the blizzard Friday night.

Unfortunately, some livestock didn’t make it.  There are numerous reports about dozens of dead cows and other livestock along roadways south, east and north of Rapid City.  Some ranchers may have lost anywhere from 100 to 400 head of cattle.


Cattle killed in the storm between Hermosa and Rapid City. (photo courtesy Jeff Salter)

The storm piled snow along fences which in some instances collapsed under the weight, allowing the cattle to escape as they went in search of shelter.  In other cases, the snow drifts allowed the cattle to just walk over the fences.

Throughout the storm and over the weekend, people continued to hear cattle in neighborhoods.  One herd was found meandering around Robbinsdale Lanes on East Saint Patrick Street Monday morning.

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