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(MGN Online photo by KTRE-TV - Raycom Media)

(MGN Online photo by KTRE-TV – Raycom Media)

Cuts time at United Blood Service

submitted by Angelina Pillet, United Blood Services

United Blood Services donors now have the ability to complete their donation interview online the same day of their blood donation appointment. With this new service, United Blood Services can reduce the length of interviews on-site at a center or mobile drive to only essential follow-up questions. Donors can visit the United Blood Services website, access the interview and print out a barcoded Fast Track Donation Ticket that they must bring with them to their appointment.

“Whenever we survey donors about how we can make their experience better, they usually say that the interview process should be simplified, shortened or automated,” said Jennifer Bredahl, Regional Donor Recruitment Director for United Blood Services. “We took these suggestions to heart and now are happy to provide this new, shortened interview process for our dedicated donors.”

United Blood Services encourages donors to give the online health history questionnaire a try for their next donation. There are some important guidelines to note, especially the fact that donors must complete the questionnaire the same day as their donation. Donors still have the option to have one of our staff members ask the health history questions, like we currently do. All donors have to do is simply request this option when they arrive to donate.

Instructions can be found online at and by clicking the “Health History Questionnaire” link on the left. Answers cannot be saved, so donors must complete the 10-15 minute interview in one sitting. Donor data is stored only in the barcoded “Fast Track Donation Ticket” that a donor will print following the interview, so a login is not required. The online donor interview was developed by Calimex USA Corp., a software developer based inSan Francisco.

People who are 16 or older, weigh at least 110 pounds and are in good health are eligible to donate blood. Additional height/weight requirements apply to donors 22 and younger, and donors who are 16 must have a signed permission from a parent or guardian.

United Blood Services is a nonprofit community blood provider and serves countless patients annually in 93 area hospitals. It is part of Blood Systems, one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit blood service organizations. Blood Systems is a founding member ofAmerica’sBloodCentersand the AABB (formerly the American Association of Blood Banks).

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