Bountiful Baskets Plentiful in Western South Dakota


These days finding fresh produce at a local grocer that fits nicely into a tight budget is a difficult task. Local grocers are limited to weekly specials and coupons while farmers markets in the area are seasonal, unfortunately. However, an emerging volunteer co-op delivers fresh produce for the whole family without exhausting your pocketbook.

Bountiful Baskets is a volunteer based co-op providing seasonal and fresh produce. Those wishing to participate can order online at the Bountiful Baskets website every Monday through noon on Tuesday. The produce is then delivered to the contributors and picked up at their designated location site the following Saturday. Customers are considered contributors since this is not a business, instead it is a co-op where contributors pool together funds and purchase produce.

A contribution of $15 leads to a laundry basket plum full of fresh produce and 100% Certified Organic baskets are sold at $25. There are additional options to upgrade your basket, if desired, such as adding 20lbs of round tomatoes for $12, or 3 fresh loaves of bread for an additional low price. Contributors must bring their own basket to carry their produce. If you are a small family and don’t believe the full basket could possibly store long enough, the Bountiful Baskets website and Facebook page offers storage ideas as well as recipes utilizing the weekly produce.

Pick-up locations are located across western South Dakota and can be found on the Bountiful Baskets website. However, produce is limited per location so contributors are encouraged to log in early Monday morning to place their contribution.

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