Deadwood needs new business plan

Deadwood Main Street

Deadwood has relied on gambling, specifically the slot machine, for its economic stability in the last two decades.  (courtesy photo)

When communities come together, usually something good can happen.

Tuesday night the core of Deadwood met under one roof to begin a mission to attract more people to the historical town, as gaming numbers flatten.

At the first public meeting  for the newly formed Revitalize Deadwood Committee, people had the opportunity to give input on what needs to be done to make Deadwood a more sustainable city.

Some of the top concerns residents have are regional gaming competitors, parking, and a struggle economy.

After watching multiple businesses close their doors, committee commissioner Ron Russo said he saw the writing on the wall: Deadwood needs diversity.

“That’s because there’s a lot of competition,” said Russo. “We need more retail so the people stay longer, enjoy their stays better, we need more restaurants, better food, so we need to up the game and create more diversity.”

Deadwood Mayor Chuck Turbiville approved the committee three months ago, when he realized the gaming town needed to evolve.


While gambling isn’t a growth industry in Deadwood this year, it is on par with some pretty healthy years in the past. (MGN Online graphic)

He was in attendance at the meeting and said he’s very pleased with what the public brought to the floor, and thinks deadwood has a bright future.

“You look at it from a positive standpoint,” said Turbiville. “I think Deadwood is going to grow, we’re going to prosper and we’re just taking that first step.”

The next Revitalize Deadwood meeting is on October 8th at 5:30 p.m., when the committee and public will start to put together a plan for the future.

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