Road to Recovery aids cancer patients

Cancer Rides

Volunteer Deb Martius helps Agnes Glatt into the car after her treatment at the John T. Vucurevich Cancer Care Institute.

by Robyn Estabrook, KOTA TV News reporter

Agnes Glatt receives regular treatments for ovarian cancer and since she doesn’t drive a program that provides transportation for cancer patients to the hospital is truly a lifesaver.   “What would we do without it,” said Glatt.

Glatt has relatives that sometimes drive her to appointments, but when they’re busy she depends on the Road to Recovery program.   “Even if I don’t use it, just the idea that it’s there to be used is a good support,” said Glatt.

The nationwide program is through the American Cancer Society. It started last year in Spearfish. There are 15 volunteer drivers that drive patients free of charge from Spearfish to Rapid City.

Driver Deb Martius’ mother had cancer and she and her siblings were able to take turns driving. She realizes some may not be so lucky.   “But out here there are some people that are really stuck and they have no family that live right by them. So there’s really a need for this. It’s something that I could give back,” said Martius.

Martius enjoys giving back and also the friendships.  “I’ve really met a lot of nice people this way,” said Martius.

The program helps around 15 Spearfish cancer patients, Glatt, being one of them.   “I didn’t hear about it until I needed it and then it was just a godsend to have it available,” said Glatt.

The program’s organizer would like to expand the program to other areas in the Northern Hills such as Belle Fourche and Lead/Deadwood.  If you are interested in being a driver, e-mail

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