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Handcuffs and bars

The biggest crime-related story in Belle Fourche last week was the arrest of a convicted sex offender who was living in a safe zone.  This leads off the Katie the Cop weekly report for May 3-9, when there were 277 calls for service and 74 traffic stops.

Belle Fourche Police Department Custodial Arrests: (these people went to the slammer)

Jose Luise Dominguez

Jose Luise Dominguez, 28, of Belle Fourche was arrested and charged with failure to register as a sex offender and registered sex offender living within a community safety zone.

Duwayne Robert Kester, 38, of Belle Fourche was arrested and charged with driving while license is revoked.

Grant Scott Reede, 23, of Belle Fourche was arrested on a Lawrence County Warrant.

Belle Fourche Police Department Non-Custodial Arrests: (these people got a ticket)

Chanel Audrey Keil, 20, of Belle Fourche was charged with underage consumption of alcohol.

Clement Dean Ladeaux, 28, of Belle Fourche was charged with disorderly conduct.

Raynaldo Miranda Jr., 34, of Belle Fourche was arrested and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Jason Leo Millage, 31, of Belle Fourche was charged with driving while license is suspended.

Casy Lee Millage, 33, of Belle Fourche was charged with driving without a valid driver license.

Jenifer Jo Grusing, 28, of Nisland was charged with driving while license is suspended and no insurance.

Of the 277 calls for service, here are some to share:

Officers responded to a sloshed fella who had fallen into the tributary.  His drunken comrades were able to wrench him out of the water and then continue on their way home.  Yet another victim of walking while intoxicated.

While vacationing in Belle Fourche, two (old enough to know better) transients decided to use the railroad tracks as a place to guzzle beer.  When officers confronted the two comrades, they must have thought they were going to get into trouble, one of them took off running.  He did not make it too far; his feet were a little heavy from the booze.  Officers kindly checked the drunks into detox.

Although Malcolm was not really bothered by his neighbor’s dogs barking all night, he was concerned the dog may be bothering the other people in the neighborhood.  Murphy’s law, when the officers arrived they didn’t hear a sound until they put a notice on the door.

With the nice weather moving in, we have already been called to people peddling cleaning chemicals without permits.  If someone comes to your door, you have every right to ask him or her for his or her permit.  The reason for the permit is to keep our citizens safe.  Background checks are ran on anyone who applies for a permit.  We do not issue permits to those with violent criminal histories.  So, take a moment to ask and call us if someone comes to the door without a permit.

An officer was flagged down by Molly who expressed concern that her cat had gone crazy.  When she tried to pick her cat up it hissed and scratched at her.  Officer found that the cat was not crazy; it was just having a bad day.

911-call of the week:  A student was about to be late for school so he was running to class.  As he was running his phone pocket dialed 911, over and over and over again.

A ten-year-old kid is scaring the poo poo out of a neighbor who has seen him haul arss up and down the street on a dirt bike without a helmet.  Some words in this report were modified to allow for a PG rating.

As I have mentioned before the names used in the narrative portion are made up; they are names of my pets or my friend’s pets.  The stories are all true calls, some with minor superfluities for entertainment value.  Thanks for taking the time to read this column.

Officer Katie Allart

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