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He says he's running as an independent candidate for the US Senate to help put an end to the fighting between Republicans and Democrats in Washington.
While the U.S Senate Race here in South Dakota has gained a lot of attention nation-wide, a race closer to home that can mean just as much to South Dakotans has quietly been stirring.
Representative Kristi Noem continues her campaign tour across the state of South Dakota, and Friday morning, that tour brought her to Rapid City.
The countdown is on as just four days remain before Election Day. We meet three of four candidates vying for District 33's two State House seats.
A special Halloween event was held at Rapid City Regional Hospital Friday afternoon as hospital staff, medical students and volunteers received free influenza vaccinations.
Halloween is finally here, but it isn't only about costumes and candy. These days, it's as much about getting out and about as it is staying at home and greeting costumed ghosts and goblins.
Creepy, cool temperatures and howling winds couldn't keep local trick–or–treaters from taking to the streets of Rapid City Friday evening.
IHOP restaurants may want to change their name to the "International Haunted House of Pancakes" as some spooky treats have returned to the menu.
Box Elder educators say a recently-adopted incentive program is seeing plenty of success at Badger Clark Elementary School.
It's become a staple of Rapid City's Main Street Square during the winter, the staff is currently working to piece together the ice rink for its fourth year downtown.
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In honor of Halloween, J.K. Rowling is delving into the back story of one of "Harry Potter's" more twisted Hogwarts professors.
Comedian Chelsea Handler says Instagram is sexist for pulling down her topless photo.
Channing Tatum's "X-Men" character is officially getting a spinoff.
Former rap mogul Marion "Suge" Knight and comedian Micah "Katt" Williams were arrested Wednesday, accused of stealing a photographer's camera last month.
To celebrate Halloween, the anchors of "Morning Express" dressed up as characters from NBC's "The Golden Girls."
Here's what we're really saying during breakups—no matter how we try to play it off.
Syrian rebels claim that Iran is paying Afghan mercenaries to fight against them in Syria. Nick Paton Walsh has more.
With all the scary stuff happening in the world, it wouldn't be surprising if TV audiences steered clear of horror. But in fact, they're doing the opposite.
Chelsea Handler boycotts Instagram after the social media service removes her topless photo.
The alleged ringleader of a group of Florida A&M University marching band students who beat drum major Robert Champion Jr. in a 2011 hazing incident was convicted Friday of multiple charges related to Champion's death, according to CNN affiliate CFN13, which was in the courtroom when the verdict was read.
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